Edward Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group, Featured on BBC.com’s Career Coach

New York, March 2015 – Edward Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group, was featured in a recent BBC.com article discussing
best practices that professionals should follow if they would like to remain employable in
an ever-evolving job market.

In Elizabeth Garone’s article, The Secrets to Staying Employed, which was featured in BBC’s Career Coach column,
Edward commented on the importance of doing your research when looking for a
job with long-term growth potential. “During the interview process –
and through your own research via the organization’s social media and Glassdoor profiles –
look out for signs that the company offers training and cultivates internal growth,” he said.
“Additionally, never let yourself be swayed by money if you feel that the organization limits your
growth potential or the culture doesn’t meet your needs. After all, the more satisfied you are with
your employer, the more motivated you will be to seek out opportunities for [internal] growth.”

You can read the entire article, here.