Tandym Group Releases Their ACA Healthcare Staffing Market Update

Tandym Group is proud to announce the release of their
new whitepaper, The Post-ACA Enrollment Healthcare Staffing Market,
which focuses on staffing for an outcome-based care model!

“We released our first whitepaper on the Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act last year – when the law had only been in place for a
few months – in order to advise our clients on how to proactively prepare
their staffing strategies for the changes being brought forth from the law,”
says Kyle Mattice, President of Tandym Group’s Health Services division.
“However, now that the first phase of the ACA has been in effect for a full year, we’re
seeing that the law has created many new opportunities for healthcare organizations and
medical professionals alike. Since the key to success in a changing industry is education,
we felt it was important to offer our stakeholders a new whitepaper that further explores
how they can capitalize on an outcome-based care model through a number of changes in
staffing and emerging hiring trends.”

The Post-ACA Enrollment Healthcare Staffing Market will discuss:

  • The emerging staffing needs brought forth by ACA mandates among various types of healthcare providers
  • Strategies that employers can utilize in order to attract and retain top healthcare talent
  • How healthcare professionals can position themselves for success in an evolving job market

You can download the whitepaper, here.