Tandym Group’s 2015 Hiring Outlook Receives Prominent Media Coverage

New York, February 2015 – Since its release in January, Tandym Group’s 2015 Hiring
Outlook has received prominent media coverage across a variety of sources, ranging from niche
industry publications like Accounting Today
to national media outlets such as Forbes.

One specific part of the whitepaper that many reporters found of interest was
the finding that 63% of clients surveyed say their biggest hiring challenge of 2015
will be finding qualified candidates. “The U.S. economy’s continued improvement has produced a
dynamic shift in the job market; with companies seeking to meet their talent needs,
high-quality job candidates are gaining an advantage,” said Edward Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group, when
commenting on this trend. “This has forced companies to adopt new strategies to not only compete for and attract top talent,
but retain skilled employees as well.”

While this trend has major implications for employers,
job seekers also have to be aware of the strategies that hiring managers
are using to ensure a candidate is not only qualified for the job, but also a
cultural fit within the organization. For example, another finding of the Outlook
that reporters found noteworthy was that 80% of employers surveyed believe that personality
fit is a critical or very important aspect of their hiring decision, and to find that fit, they’re
increasingly asking personality and behavioral-based questions during interviews. When Jesse
Siegal, Senior Managing Director of Temporary Staffing, discussed this trend
with the Society for Human Resource Management, he explained,
“They need the technical skills to get in the door, but once they are in front of the hiring manager,
there is less concern about that technical skill and more about ‘Is this person going to be a long-term fit?’ ”

Depending on their audience, different publications pulled various aspects of the whitepaper to write their articles.
To read some of the features in their entirety, please see the list below: