Tandym Group’s Glenn Bernstein Featured on CIO.com

New York, July 2014 – Glenn Bernstein, Chief Operating Officer of Tandym Group’s Temporary Staffing division, was featured in a recent CIO.com article discussing the emphasis that employers are placing on interview questions aimed at assessing a candidate’s personality.

In the article, How to Judge a Job Candidate’s Personality (and Why You Should), author Sharon Florentine highlights Glenn’s insight into the roles that cultural fit and personality play for both an employer making a hiring decision, and for a candidate considering an offer. According to Glenn, the millennial generation needs, “to find out ahead of time if a potential job is somewhere they can fit in,” while companies that hire for cultural fit tend to have lower turnover rates and greater employee engagement.

To learn more about the personality questions that Glenn asks candidates to determine whether there is a fit, please follow the link to the article, here.