Our compliance division provides our clients with value by alleviating the administrative and financial burden associated with onboarding new hires. We ensure your candidates are cleared, credentialed, and ready to work before starting any assignment, while maintaining our commitment to the highest ethical and industry standards. We understand that each organization’s internal compliance requirements are different, therefore, our clients receive individualized attention from our specialized compliance teams.

Getting started

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compliance process
  • File audit Once our compliance department has compiled the initial documents from the candidate, we refer to a ‘checklist’ designed specifically for each client’s requirements.
  • Collection of documents After the candidate has completed all the appropriate applications, our department will run a background check and collect any other additional documents per our client’s standards.
  • Communication We communicate with clinical supervisors to ensure all client competency and safety goals are met.
  • Final audit + profile creation We run a final audit on the candidate’s profile to ensure all information is included per the client’s requirements. Once we’ve received the background check, collected all documents, and scheduled test results are reported, the candidate will be considered cleared to work.

Our compliance services

The benefits of working with us
Saved costs

Saved costs

Our compliance initiatives reduce your costs on candidate background checks, medicals, and payroll

Efficient onboarding

Efficient onboarding

Because we take on the responsibility of credentialing and onboarding candidates, you benefit from quicker turnaround times.

Improved retention

Improved retention

Our team continuously cross-references your working policies with our candidates’ documents to ensure they are always cleared to work with your organization.

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