Contract Staffing Solutions

With rapidly changing healthcare needs across the country, we understand that timing is critical. Whether your facility requires a diverse range of clinical healthcare professionals or a large number of non-clinical and operational staff, Tandym Health is equipped to provide highly skilled professionals that can meet your needs. In addition to utilizing our extensive network of experienced healthcare professionals to meet your short-term needs, we work with our contract professionals throughout the length of the assignment—managing time off, absences, compensation, and other assignment-related details.


As your staffing needs shift throughout the year, short-term hiring can help you address fluctuating demand with 3 to 6 month assignments.


Whether you’d like to evaluate fit, or your organization is in a state of transition, long-term contract hiring with Tandym Health can allow you the flexibility you need without sacrificing quality, cultural fit, or skill level.

Per Diem

For schools, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and skilled nursing facilities in particular, last-minute needs that arise can be addressed with per-diem assignments, allowing you to find a qualified healthcare professional at a moment’s notice.


Considering a contract-to-hire role is a great way to test the waters before making a long-term hiring decision. Employers can evaluate fit, while contractors have the opportunity to prove themselves on the job.

Case Study:

Type: High-volume staffing for COVID-19 pop-up testing sites

Challenges: While the client was experienced in providing COVID-19 testing technology, they didn't have access to the network of qualified candidates needed in order to meet their clients’ quickly growing needs. With new sites popping up at a moment’s notice, the client needed a partner who understood the time-sensitivity of these projects and had a process in place for quickly clearing a high-volume of staff to start.

Solution: We leveraged our network to identify and clear over 75 candidates to be available at all times to work at the testing sites. This pipeline of candidates, as well as our around-the-clock availability, ensured an entire site could be staffed in less than 24 hours’ notice.

Direct Hire Recruitment

Finding the right fit when hiring full-time healthcare talent is not only key to the success of your facility, but also to your quality of care. In light of an overwhelming shortage of healthcare professionals, this process can be especially frustrating and time-consuming. Our direct hire recruitment strategy can ease your organization’s hiring challenges, allowing you to focus on providing excellent care. Tandym Health tailors each search to your unique needs, long-term business initiatives, and culture. This ensures that you are only presented with the highest quality talent from our extensive network of clinical and non-clinical candidates who are the best fit for the role as well as your organization.

Case Study:

Type: Large scale recruiting for medical group

Challenges: A medical group dedicated to providing patients with chronic medical conditions a continuum of care, was in search of a partner who could provide physician staffing solutions for a new growth initiative.

Solution: Through a network of qualified referrals, Tandym Health filled over 50% of the client’s open roles, including Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers, Patient Care Coordinators, and Pharmacists.

Workforce Solutions
Preferred Vendor:

We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with MSP clients as their preferred vendor. Whether your MSP manages your temporary recruitment lifecycle on-site or off-site, with Tandym Health as your preferred vendor, you get a partner with years of success in providing high-quality candidates across the healthcare industry.


For organizations that want to gain insight into their staffing processes, we offer a Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, which allows employers to manage suppliers while aligning with financial goals. Our MSP program manages the contingent workforce processes of your company via Vendor Management (VMS) technology to streamline operations, consolidate invoicing, reduce costs, and mitigate compliance risks.


For many employers, finding the right partner to provide concrete project deliverables and align with business developments can be challenging. Whether you need a highly skilled healthcare professional for a short-term project, or an independent contractor to extend their contract, Tandym Health’s Statement of Work (SOW) management solutions can outline the best course of action to ensure business continuity.

Case Study:

Type: MSP solution for leading nonprofit hospital

Challenges: The client needed to create a single point of contact for managing all of their temporary staffing requests on an ongoing basis. For an organization with such a high volume of needs, the process of recruiting, credentialing, billing, and abiding by union regulations was especially challenging, time consuming, and expensive without having a centralized staffing system in place.

Solution: Our ability to learn the client’s process and customize an MSP solution has been instrumental in driving down costs, increasing efficiencies in the staffing function, and improving clinical competency.

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