Getting Started:
How can Tandym Health help me secure a visa for employment?

We will sponsor you for a work visa or permanent residence (i.e., TN, E3, H1B, EB2, EB3, etc.) in the United States. Our team is comprised of immigration lawyers, credentialing/licensing specialists, and seasoned staffing professionals, each of whom are uniquely qualified to assist you through all of the necessary steps to be cleared to work in the United States. We will guide you through your visa screen, state license application, and your immigration application.

What types of assignments are available?

We work with a wide range of healthcare facilities: schools, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare, and hospitals.

Our Process & Opportunities:
How long does the credentialing process take?

If you have not started collecting documents for the credentialing processing, it may take up to one year to get the appropriate credentialing. However, processing times may vary depending on where you are in the process when you first join Tandym Health, which is a division of Tandym Group. We will assist you in these steps (i.e., applying to take appropriate exams, applying for your visa credential verification, etc.) to ensure you are able to get through the process as quickly as possible.

How long is my employment contract?

The length of your contract will depend on the visa you qualify for. Generally, Therapist contracts range from 12-36 months starting from your first day of clinical employment. Each contract is reviewed annually. Please note, ‘TN’ visa holders qualify for travel contracts that typically run 13 weeks, with possible extensions.

Do you assist with finding housing?

We will assist you in finding housing accommodations by providing you with various websites to complement your search for a house or apartment. We will visit any apartments you are interested in and can meet with potential landlords prior to your arrival within the NYC metro area only. Additionally, we can provide you with letters of employment to verify your work status with us.

Exams, Assignments & Costs:
What are the costs associated with working with Tandym Health, a division of Tandym?

The sponsored employee will be responsible for some fees (i.e., necessary exams, Credential Verification certificate, etc.), all of which will be outlined in your offer letter.

Do I have to be fluent in English?

Yes. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that all sponsored healthcare workers meet certain English language requirements in order to obtain a certificate. According to, an Occupational Therapist must obtain the following scores on the English tests administered by ETS:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

  • Paper-Based 560, Computer-Based 220
  • Test of Written English (TWE): 4.5
  • Test of Spoken English (TSE): 50

Or the new combined exam: TOEFL iBT: Total 89 (Speaking, 26)

Please note: Occupational Therapists MUST take the test offered by the ETS. All applicants who received their professional degree from Canada (except Quebec), Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the U.K. are not required to take a TOEFL exam.

What is a Visa Credential Verification Certificate (VCVC)?

The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a healthcare worker to possess a certification (in this case a VCVC) to prove that your credentials are legitimate. Only those who have successfully passed the NBCOT Certification Examination are eligible to apply through the Visa Credential Verification Certificate (VCVC) process.

What is a Visa Screen Certificate (VSC)?

U.S. immigration law requires that certain foreign healthcare workers obtain a foreign healthcare certificate. This is commonly referred to as a “visa screen.” Currently, there is only one accredited agency authorized to issue these certificates for therapists: CGFNS. The purpose of this requirement is to verify that foreign healthcare workers possess the requisite education and English fluency.

Occupational Therapists
Do I have to take the NBCOT exam in the United States?

No. The NBCOT exam is administered at Prometric Test Centers worldwide. To learn more about the Prometric Test Centers and find a location nearest to you please visit:

Speech-Language Pathologists
Where can I take the Praxis exam?

The Praxis exam is administered in various locations worldwide. For more information on the exam, locations and schedules, please visit

Physical Therapists
Will you provide me with study material or sample exam questions to prepare for the NPTE?

We do not directly provide you with study material, however, we will provide you with recommendations for resources based on other therapists who have successfully passed the NPTE.

Where can I take the NPTE?

The NPTE is only administered in the United States and its territories. While you do not need to pass the NPTE prior to your arrival in the U.S. on a green card or work visa, you must obtain an eligibility letter from the State licensing authorities confirming that you are eligible to sit for the NPTE exam. For more information on the NPTE, including locations and schedules, please visit:

What if I fail the NPTE?

If you do not pass the NPTE exam, please inform your direct contact at Tandym Health immediately for next steps. The NPTE is only administered four times per year; therefore, we try our best to time our new hires to arrive immediately prior to a given test date. The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) issues pass/fail results within 24-72 hours of taking the examination.

Compensation & Benefits:
Will I receive any vacation or time off?

You will receive a reasonable amount of vacation time as well as wellness days.

How much will I be paid?

We base your hourly and salary rates on the United States Department of Labor’s fair wage determination when filing for employees’ visas. Education level and years of experience will also be considered when determining pay rate. We offer therapists opportunities to earn additional income through supplementary assignments. At the end of each year of your employment, we conduct a performance review and may increase your salary if performance goals are met.

Do you provide benefits?

As an employee of Tandym Group, you will be eligible to participate in the firm’s benefits program. Currently, our benefits package includes: major medical, hospitalization, long-term disability, vision and dental. After 1 year, all employees are eligible to enroll in our 401k plan. Medical benefits begin on your first day of clinical employment, while dental and vision benefits begin 90 days after the first day of clinical employment.

Do you provide professional development opportunities for Therapists?

We offer an annual $300 credit for a continuing education class of your choice. We also offer a number of in-house training opportunities presented by our on-staff therapist. We highly encourage sponsored therapists to pursue continuing education opportunities and professional development.

How much will I be taxed?

Your tax rate will depend on your marital status and number of dependents. You can learn more about tax rates at

Are my spouse and children eligible to come with me?

Depending on your visa status, spouse and children who are under 21 will be eligible to join you in the U.S. Their work status depends on your current visa. Your point of contact can answer any additional questions you may have.

What if I am not happy with my assignment?

In the event you are not fully satisfied with your assignment, we will provide you with the support you need to quickly address any concerns to ensure you are having a positive working experience with us.